Ecommerce with BBQ on the side

Marvin Sanders

marvin sanders
It's pretty simple, really.
I make sites and stores for companies in branded manufacturing and retail.

You could say I’m an accidental businessman. From working my first real job at Roland as an aspiring composer turned product manager, I found my way to gigs as editor in chief for Keyboard magazine, then startups, my own boutique agency, and director roles at Avid Technology, Logitech, and most recently Heath Ceramics.

Ecommerce floats my boat — there’s always something new to learn or improve, and a direct connection with customers. To learn more visit me on LinkedIn.

What does BBQ have to do with it? I’m also a proud Kansas City native and grill geek that grew up in the restaurant business. These days I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wonderful wife, three kids, and goofy Black Lab.